What’s wrong with Job Boards


Whilst Job Boards are an important too for many recruiters, there are problems with relying on advertising a vacancy on job boards alone.

How can you make plain text stand out when it’s just the same as everything else?  How can you make it really engaging and attractive? And more to the point, when you look at job boards carefully, how many of the ‘advertisements’ are actually basic job descriptions?  A job description and a job advertisement perform two very different functions. If you produce a job description and post that, instead of selling potential candidates the benefits of working for you, you’re not posting much more than a list of HR demands.

This is the equivalent of a car manufacturer using a broadcast commercial to televise the turning pages of their technical manual – it’s boring. Maybe job ads should be as aspirational as motor ads – blazing cornfields, explosions, Johnny Depp in eye make up? Well, maybe not… but you do want excitement, something that will appeal to your potential employees and something that demonstrates that you, as an employer, have something really valuable to offer.

That’s where skilled recruitment consultants come in….

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