The Prescribing Nurse / Non-medical Prescriber – An asset to any treatment provider!

Prescribing nurse

The Prescribing Nurse / Non-medical Prescriber – An asset to any treatment provider!

Multi-faceted role

The prescribing nurse (also known as non-medical prescriber) position offers the addiction treatment sector a unique contribution and has fast become increasingly central to the delivery of successful recovery outcomes.

In addition to undertaking vital work of their own, prescribing nurses add genuine value to the treatment process and complement the work undertaken by clinical teams, addiction counsellors and support workers.

And of course, the prescribing nurses with the most clinical experience (such as consultant nurses) are also able to overlap with the role and competences of specialist addiction doctors.

What’s involved in the Prescribing Nurse position?

There’s a significant list of responsibilities that comes with the job and many people working outside the sector are surprised at the variety of activities undertaken by the prescribing nurse.

Prescribing nurses can:

  • provide comprehensive assessments for people with a range of complex and co- existing mental health and physical health needs
  • provide physical healthcare including wound dressing and abscess care and promote better personal health care
  • provide pharmacological management, which may include dispensing, advice and support in relation to the service user’s prescription for their drug and alcohol problem(s) and additional advice around interactions with other prescribed and over- the-counter medicines and illicit drugs
  • provide expert clinical advice for commissioners, service users, families and carers, health and other professionals
  • provide a clinical perspective to reducing harm from alcohol and drug misuse, promoting and enabling recovery and wellbeing
  • mobilise and co-ordinate resources in managing alcohol and drug-related clinical crises, for example, intoxication, overdose, acute withdrawal states
  • promote evidence based and NICE recommended interventions in order to ensure quality of care for service users
  • provide psychosocial interventions across a range of settings
  • provide early identification and interventions for alcohol-related physical illnesses such as alcohol related liver disease (ARLD), alcohol related brain injury (ARBI) and alcohol-related dementia
  • provide blood borne virus screening (hepatitis C and HIV) and hepatitis B vaccination
  • provide clinical assessments which may include interpretation of test results for example, electro cardiograms (ECG), urinalysis results, blood results
  • provide non-medical prescribing (NMP)


The role is now absolutely central to the successful management of a detox/rehab. As an employer, a good prescribing nurse offers so much added value which is why the position comes with a good salary (for example in addition to everything outlined above the nurse can provide effective supervision to colleagues offering a genuinely holistic perspective when reviewing clinical cases).

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