‘Lived Experience’ – Recovery Practitioners who are in Recovery


‘Lived Experience’ – Recovery Practitioners who are in Recovery

At Recovery Recruitment we are very aware of the value of ‘lived experience’. We understand how recovery team managers and recovery practitioners with their own lived experience of addiction and its consequences can bring added value to employers with vacancies in the addiction and rehabilitation sector.

We only have to look at recent history to see evidence of the power of individuals and communities who have worked to solve the social problems they have directly experienced. In fact, ‘lived experience’ resulted in the 12 Steps which in turn have gone on to form the basis of so many successful addiction treatment programmes.

Recovery Recruitment believes that people looking for jobs in addiction who have gaps in their CVs, as a result of issues with addiction or the criminal justice system, should be offered equal opportunity to find meaningful employment. They bring something extra to both their employers and colleagues.

Practitioners with lived experience can:

  • Ensure that services and activities remain true to the vision and values of the employer
  • Ensure that recovery based activities and services accurately reflect the needs of clients
  • Strengthen credibility and legitimacy with clients, the addiction treatment sector, government and wider society
  • Enable organisations to operate equitably, genuinely and authentically
  • Improve equal opportunities, inclusiveness, and representation
  • Enable organisations to draw upon and make effective use of people’s unique skills, capabilities, diverse perspectives, experiential knowledge and insights, allowing this to contribute to decision-making
  • Improve and enhance the ability of organisations to bring policy issues to life 
  • Add value to service/activity planning, development and delivery
  • Help all employees and volunteers to develop their skills and knowledge beyond theoretical and text-book learning.
  • Help set priorities, identify issues and outline solutions which might not occur or be valued by those who are not experts by experience
  • Give early opportunities to test ideas and make decisions as they arise
  • Build relationships of trust with client communities
  • Challenge wider discrimination, stigma, custom and practice. 

At Recovery Recruitment we talk honestly and openly with anyone who is looking for a job in the addiction sector. And if you’re looking for your first job as a recovery practitioner don’t worry if you have a few holes in your CV – you may well be exactly the candidate one of our client companies is looking for.

As an employer, please let us know what your thoughts are on the value of Lived Experience in your workforce? Do you actively look for applicants with personal experience of recovery?

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