Recovery Recruitment – Three Expectations


As an in-house recruiter or HR professional looking to recruit for your treatment centre/service have you ever been in a meeting with a recruitment consultant and been impressed with their pitch and excited about the results that are going to follow, only to be completely let down by their performance?

It may be that your consultant is delivering on their promise – we hope so. Ours is a small sector and these issues may or may not be prevalent but broadly speaking many recruiters sell a value proposition that isn’t followed up — they assure you they’ll headhunt and cold-call top people in the field, but in reality do little more than advertise your vacancies. As a Recovery Recruitment client you need to be in a position to make an accurate assessment of our value — not just on the basis of what we tell you, but what we actually evidence.

We feel that there are three key expectations you should have of us (and any recruitment consultant for that matter):

  • Expect us to monitor the skill sets in the companies you compete with and, where appropriate, include direct headhunting as part of our sourcing strategy.
  • Expect us to be able to confidently deliver a compelling pitch to candidates about working for your company.
  • Expect us to do more than just post job ads – ask us to provide evidence of the work carried out on your behalf.

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