Going behind the CV – uncovering ‘hidden’ skills

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Going behind the CV – uncovering ‘hidden’ skills

If you’re reading a CV or an application covering letter It can be very difficult to spot some of the qualities and skills that are going to be key to the job vacancy you’re looking to fill.
And if you’re a candidate how do you make sure that your potential employer recognises that you possess these attributes?

The skills we’re talking about are usually considered intangible, but they are, in fact, very real. They can include:

  • Unflappability – you may want someone who can stay calm in times of high drama.
  • Intuition – some people are highly skilled at ‘reading between the lines’ providing them with useful insight and better decision making skills.
  • Cheerfulness – a smile is infectious and someone who can bring a good vibe to your company can be invaluable.
  • Confidence – having courage in their convictions allows people to get on with their job and make a positive impact.
  • Honesty – a willingness to take responsibility for actions and decisions may well be a central component of the role.
  • Persuasiveness – someone who can influence others in a gentle but effective way can offer real value to an employer.

By their very nature intangible skills aren’t obvious, but they are highly useful.

At Recovery Recruitment we look deep into our talent pool and into every application to make sure that employers and the perfect candidate don’t miss each other just because those hidden skills aren’t immediately apparent (it’s equally the case that every positive comes with a negative and we also ensure that we uncover the more undesirable intangibles such as poor timekeeping, forgetfulness and lack of focus).

It’s very possible that a candidate who doesn’t meet the minimum qualification criteria, but who exhibits an exceptionally strong facility in creative problem solving, might prove to be the best choice.

For example, the candidate who admits to their failings may seem to be ruling themselves out of a job, but it’s possible that they could also be more confident than someone who covers up their failings. We make it our goal to look beyond the obvious.

We look for experiences that reveal a candidate’s personality traits. What we’re aiming to discover is not how they might cope in a hypothetical situation, but how they actually dealt with real situations. We conduct interviews with the specific purpose of uncovering intangible skills. Our candidates are given the best possible opportunities to showcase their skills and our clients have the reassurance that the hidden skills required of the job are firmly in place.

To submit your CV and be notified of any job openings relevant to your all your qualifications and hidden skills please visit our job dashboard where you can sign up for an account.

For employers looking to find that perfect candidate, please check out our services or feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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