Privacy Notice

Recovery Recruitment Privacy Notice

The security and privacy of your data is important to us. This privacy notice outlines information about how we collect, manage and use your data, who is responsible for your information, who we share that information with and how long we keep it for.

We only ever retain information we consider necessary in order to keep you informed of services, offers, relevant information and job vacancies. We endeavour to keep your information as up to date as possible by allowing our candidates to amend certain personal information we hold via our jobs dashboard in your account settings. If it becomes apparent that we have incorrect or, out of date, information about you, you can, at any time, request that we update our records in order to accurately reflect your current and correct information.

Your right to have your data removed:

It is your legal right to have your data removed from our systems if you no longer want us to keep information about you. If at any point you would like us to delete the information we hold, please request this in writing to Please be aware this process can take up to 10 working days from the time the request is received and if your information is deleted from our systems you will no longer receive details about job vacancies from us.

Who controls your data and who your data is shared with:

In short, your data is not shared with anyone outside Recovery Recruitment. Recovery recruitment is the sole data controller and your personal information is not distributed to any third parties without explicit consent from you first. The only time we share your data is when we forward candidate details to a prospective employer and in every case, we will request your permission before taking your application to this stage and subsequently sharing your information with any third parties.

How we collect data:

We use several methods to collect data including: candidate registration forms, CV submissions, email newsletter sign-up forms, gathering data on you from public forums such as company websites, networking events and social media profiles.

Other data we collect that may not be as apparent includes: analytical data provided by google analytics and search console via our company website This provides us with valuable information allowing us to improve the user experience of our website and to ensure we are providing relevant services to our target audience. We do not allow any third-party advertising on our website and do not share any data collected through analytical software. This information is collected anonymously and no personal data such as address or contact details are associated with it anywhere in our systems. We also use cookies when you visit allowing us to save certain user settings and cache pages for a better and faster user experience for those using the website.

How we store your data:

Most data collected on both clients and candidates is stored in our Applicant Tracking Software which is powered by Zoho recruit. Zoho is a secure cloud-based software suite which is fully compliant with the new GDPR regulations. We also retain data sent via email and store documents such as CVs or covering letters in GDPR compliant third-party applications such as Microsoft outlook, Secure password encrypted hard drives and password encrypted mobile devices.

How we use your personal data:

Contact details:

We may when necessary contact you with information that we feel could be relevant to you in regards to Job vacancies or working with your organisation to help with your recruitment needs.

Other Personal information:

CVs and covering letters are used for us to assess the relevance of vacancies for candidates and the suitability of candidates for job vacancies.

If you have signed up to our newsletter, then we will use this contact information to keep you updated on key news about our company, Information relevant to the addiction treatment sector and other information we feel would be useful to professionals working in the addiction treatment field including news of events and alerts regarding job vacancies.

If you are involved in an interview process, we may request further information from you in order to satisfy enquiries from our client. These could typically include copies of personal documents demonstrating the right to work in the UK, employee references and educational certificates. This type of additional information is usually only necessary to support a specific job application.

Our clients could also request information on previous forensic history and information necessary to complete a DBS application.

If you have any enquiries regarding the information we collect or store on you or how we manage or use it, please contact us at and we will be happy to expand on the above detail and supply any further information required.